We build more than houses

We build more than houses – join our journey

What is our journey

As creators of homes, we at Bonava impact not only the lives of individuals, but society at large. In a world of cranes and concrete, we’re determined to be the drivers of the human perspective. Because what we do is so much more than buildings. We shape how people make connections and feel at home. We create happy neighbourhoods for the many. Join our journey. 

What challenge excites you?

At Bonava we work with everything from acquiring land to developing attractive and sustainable neighbourhoods and handing over the keys to our customer’s dream home.

Project development

Making sure we deliver on our promise, caring for both the planet and people.

Sales and marketing

Communicate the vision and what we want to achieve.

Customer service

Being a true companion throughout one of the biggest investments in life.


Securing a smooth journey.

Who we are

Bonava is a leading homebuilder in Northern Europe who develops and sells homes and neighbourhoods to consumers and investors, with the aim of creating happy neighbourhoods for the many. Since the start we have put the human perspective at the centre of everything we do, to build knowledge and expertise. We are determined to build for the life of people and to create places where people can make connections, feel included, feel safe and live sustainably for generations to come. Socially, economically and environmentally.

Group Functions main purpose is to support Bonava’s markets in various areas within IT, Finance, Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Health and Safety and Strategy. We are almost 100 employees at Group Functions. Most of us work at the head office in Stockholm, but some of us work in the offices across our markets.

Bonava develops residential housing in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Open positions

Our Culture: Putting the human perspective at the centre of everything we do

To be able to deliver results that do something better for people and build for the future, we always put people at the centre of everything we do. An approach where our experience and curiosity to understand guides us in every project and decision we make. 

Doing it together

We’re on this journey together. We care for each other and what we create, and to be able to deliver on what we promise we believe that a friendly and open atmosphere is key.  

Building for the future

We not only care for what we create but are also committed to finding solutions that respect both the planet and people, and we set the bar high. 

Learning and growing

We are curious, always looking for new learnings and knowledge. At Bonava you get to work with experts throughout the whole value chain, in an international environment. No matter where you come from or who you are your growth is our priority.

Together we create homes and neighborhoods for the many

We are 1 900 engaged colleagues in different roles working together towards the same purpose at Bonava. We are always using our insight and expertise to have a positive impact on each other and the world around us.

Meet some of us.

Erika Wentjärv
Data Engineer


Bonava has trusted and helped me define my own path and career within the company. I am grateful for the trust that was put in my abilities to learn new things.

Yulia Noskova
Environment and Climate Action Manager


Bonava is a perfect place for a curious mind to learn, explore new matters, and push own boundaries. With all the trust and ownership that I’m given, I feel I can truly make a change and contribute.

Elin Dahlback
Global Social Media Manager


From the very start, I felt seen and cared for by everyone I came across, virtually or in the office. We have a very open and caring culture at Bonava, regardless of position, title, or country.

Emil Brostedt
Group Head of Business Control


It’s very motivating to work with something that means so much to the end customers. The home is a central part of people’s lives and it’s a great feeling to contribute to that.

Great Place to Work

Engaged Employees

Global Enviorment

Hybrid Workplace

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