We create happy neighbourhoods for the many

We create happy neighbourhoods for the many

We are the drivers of the human perspective.

At Bonava we have set out to understand what makes people happy in the places they call home. Our commitment to creating happy neighbourhoods for the many guides us in everything we do. Driven by this purpose and guided by our values we believe that it all starts with a happy and sustainable work life for our own people. We cultivate an inclusive and caring atmosphere where we enjoy collaborating and sharing knowledge. We aspire to excel ourselves, to achieve the best results for our customers, our business as well as society at large. We strive to learn and improve every day. Together, we work to create something better for both people and the planet, designing the society of tomorrow.

What is it like working at Bonava

A place to grow
Development is our way forward. Together we grow by sharing, collaborating and exchanging. Our diversity of competencies and countries makes us greater.

A work of heart
We care above and beyond. About each other, and what we create. We support each other, welcome and include everyone. Together we reach further.

Here to last
We’re in it for the long run. Designing not only the society of tomorrow but also a work life that lasts, by putting well-being first.

Meet some of us

Artūrs Gorenko
Procurement and Estimation Manager, Latvia

Bonava offers unique combination – we ourselves are developers, designers, and builders, and we share one dignified target. Great work culture, cohesion and daily challenges constantly motivate us to become better.

Yulia Noskova
Environment and Climate Action Manager, Group Functions

Bonava is a perfect place for a curious mind to learn, explore new matters, and push own boundaries. With all the trust and ownership that I’m given, I feel I can truly make a change and contribute.

Eda Vane
Landscape Architect, Estonia

I am lucky to be able to work with professionals who listen and support each other, who always have a sparkle in their eyes. It is exciting to be a part of the whole value chain.

Corinna Tiggelman
Deputy Region Manager, Germany

What motivates me every day? We support each other and share our experiences. I am very grateful for the super team I have here.

Therése Edén
Project Manager, Sweden

Engagement, colleagues, and development opportunities make me thrive at Bonava. The commitment is great, everyone gets the opportunity to be involved in the development of the business and influence the company’s future.

Bonava in numbers




/100 Engagement Index

Bonava is a community of many talents

We specialise in everything from acquiring land to designing the perfect home for our customers. So, whether you’re passionate about developing happy neighbourhoods, communicating our values or helping new neighbours find their dream home, we’ve got something for you!

Project development
We pride ourselves in building happy and sustainable homes, that benefit both our customers and our planet.

Sales and Marketing
We want everyone to find their perfect home. So, we focus every day communicating what’s we’re all about to the world.

Customer Service
Our top priority is that everyone should feel happy when making the biggest investment of their lives. That’s why we always do our best to help.

We work hard to create an effective and smooth journey for everyone. Making it easier to find the right match.

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