Isabell's Story

Isabell has been a Project manager at Bonava since 2018 and with her experience and expertise she has never lost the sight of her goal.

She started as a trainee at Bonava in 2014 and became a junior project manager after 12 months. As she felt that studying part-time took to long time, she decided to study full-time after a few semesters. Isabell really wanted to stay with the company, but was unable to take a full-time position under these circumstances. The solution was to stay with Bonava but this time as a working student.

Isabel was able to find out a lot about herself and her strengths in her job and was able to take responsibility early on.


”I never actually thought about going anywhere else. It was always Bonava.”

Isabell Heinrich
Project manager


"I was always included and I’m happy that my personal development always was taken into account and that I was ultimately able to achieve my goal."

Isabell Heinrich
Project manager

Despite the fact that Isabell drives one hour from Krausnick, south of  Berlin to get to work every day, she always wanted to stay with Bonava. Whether as a working student, trainee or junior project manager, Isabell always got new opportunities and was able to get a taste of other departments.

“I was able to get to know not only the property development but also the production area and thus view our projects from different perspectives. I already had the technical side during my studies, but I still lacked practical experience.”

This background is very useful in her position as Project manager, because with her knowledge she feels secure when customers have any technical questions.


"I think the range of sports we offer is very good. Because I use the in-house fitness studio in Fürstenwalde myself from time to time and I like to take part in the beach volleyball tournament in summer. It's fun and brings my colleagues even closer together."

Isabell Heinrich
Project manager

Isabell does not only like volleyball and yoga, but also large construction sites.

“I'm currently working on the Parkstadt Karlshorst construction project. It is a huge project that many project managers and architects are working on. With such a project, it is important to have an experienced construction manager and a good team - luckily I have that.”

Although she has only been a project manager since October 2018, thanks to her colleagues she feels ready for this big project and looking forward to a good year.

"I started as a trainee, became a working student and am now a Project manager."

The right solution was found for Isabell in every situation and in the end she achieved her goal: responsibility for an important part of a large project.


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